School History

Established 1947

Founded by the Adrian Dominican Sisters in 1947, St. Raphael School is a part of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Our mission and goals are to provide all students with a strong academic foundation which will assist them in succeeding in high school and later in college. We do not discriminate in any way based on race, gender, ethnic heritage or religion.

Annual test scores show that our students are constantly improving their performances in all academic fields. Each year, a significant percentage of our 8th-grade students continue on to some of the best Catholic high schools in Los Angeles. By giving our students a high quality education, St. Raphael School is laying the groundwork for continued education and preparing them to succeed in life.

Some of our most notable achievements include:

  • Graduates matriculate to some of the best Catholic Charter and Magnet high schools in Los Angeles
  • Full accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • Highly qualified teachers 
  • Teachers placed through Loyola Marymount University’s PLACE Corps program
  • Technology-based learning curriculum is on par with far more affluent schools
  • High quality vocal and instrumental music program
  • Counseling program for students and families

St. Raphael is blessed by an active Development Board. With help from the Board, St. Raphael secures funding used to provide tuition support and enhance our curriculum. Among others, funding from The Ahmanson Foundation, The Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation, The William H. Hannon Foundation, The Riordan Foundation, the John and Dorothy Shea Foundation, The Specialty Family Foundation, the Weingart Foundation, and many caring individuals and family foundations has created an exceptional academic program for our students.

Our Patron Saint: St. Raphael

Saint RaphaelFeast Day: September 29
Patron of Travelers

St. Raphael is one of seven Archangels who stand before the throne of the Lord. He was sent by God to help Tobit, Tobiah and Sarah. At the time, Tobit was blind and Tobiah’s betrothed, Sarah, had had seven bridegrooms perish on the night of their weddings. Raphael accompanied Tobiah into Media disguised as a man named Azariah. Raphael helped him through his difficulties and taught him how to safely enter marriage with Sarah. Tobiah said that Raphael caused him to have his wife and that he gave joy to Sarah’s parents for driving out the evil spirit in her. He also gave Raphael credit for his father’s seeing the light of heaven and for receiving all good things through his intercession. Besides Raphael, Michael and Gabriel are the only Archangels mentioned by name in the bible. Raphael’s name means “God heals.” This identity came about because of the biblical story which claims that he “healed” the earth when it was defiled by the sins of the fallen angels in the apocryphal book of Enoch. Raphael is also identified as the angel who moved the waters of the healing sheep pool. He is also the patron of the blind, of happy meetings, of nurses, of physicians and of travelers. His feast day is celebrated on September 29th.

St. Raphael’s Prayer

Blessed Saint Raphael, Archangel, We beseech thee to help us in all our needs and trials of this life, as thou, through the power of God, didst restore sight and give guidance to young Tobit.

We humbly seek thine aid and intercession, that our souls may be healed, our bodies protected from all ills, and that through divine grace we may be made fit to dwell in the eternal Glory of God in heaven.