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Art Trek is a non-profit organization that provides trained staff in the classroom to deliver sequential, hands-on art lessons. Lessons are designed not only to impart rendering, painting, and sculpting skills, but also to build student confidence and community ties. Most importantly, Art Trek’s mission is to create a positive and confidence-building experience for the students while they problem-solve and take some artistic risk to produce their work. Professional Art Trek teachers visit grades 1-8 once a month.

St. Raphael School strives to educate students to become creative, critical thinkers who enjoy music, art and dance. Art provides students with the opportunity to express themselves and is incorporated into academic lessons. Teachers in lower grades incorporate painting, drawing, coloring and music in their weekly lessons. Science, social studies and religious education also include an art component. Junior high teaches art as a separate subject. Teachers plan full art lessons with focus on color theory and art appreciation. Lessons are taught once a week.

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