Blended Learning

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) has partnered with St. Raphael School to bring a cutting-edge blended learning model to the South Los Angeles community. The LMU iDEAL Institute (Innovation in Digital Education and Leadership) seeks to foster new and forward thinking ideas in educational technology and its integration into the K-8 classroom for the benefit of students, teachers, and families.

Blended Learning was initially implemented at St. Raphael School in the fall of 2016, but we are extremely excited to now be in partnership with LMU to take the program to the next level and provide our faculty with consistent professional development. The program has already begun to deliver successful results and higher engagement among students.

The Blended Learning integrates online learning with traditional student-teacher interaction and instruction. Blended Learning provides personalized instruction that is supported by successful implementations at other schools.  The approach allows students to have some control over their pace, path, and place of learning.  LMU and the St. Raphael School faculty and administration hope to provide our students with access to evolving technology so as to prepare them for high school, college and better career opportunities.


Loyola Marymount University - iDEAL Institute