Give the Gift of a Catholic Education: Sponsor-A-Student

St. Raphael School stands as a testament to educational triumph in South Central Los Angeles, offering an education with Catholic-values and technologically enriched learning experience for students from Transitional-Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our school has consistently fostered an environment where graduates seamlessly transition to some of the finest Catholic, Charter, and Magnet high schools in Los Angeles.

While we strive to keep tuition costs affordable to our community, the reality is that the true expense of educating each student surpasses our current financial means. In our pursuit of providing an affordable education to the children of South L.A., we recognize the crucial role foundations and donors play in bridging this gap. Remarkably, 100% of our students benefit from tuition assistance, a testament to our unwavering dedication to inclusivity.

The Sponsor-A- Student program plays a pivotal role in bolstering our students’ education. Through an annual contribution of $500 per student, sponsors enable children who would otherwise face financial barriers to attend St. Raphael School. Sponsors, in turn, receive heartfelt letters by our students throughout the school year. Furthermore, sponsors are invited to our exclusive annual spring luncheon, fostering a meaningful connection with their student(s).

Donors may choose to donate online https://www.straphaella.org/give/ or by personal check made payable to St. Raphael School and mailed to 924 W. 70th St., Los Angeles, CA 90044. Rest assured, your contribution is eligible for tax deductions.

Please join us in empowering the next generation through the enduring gift of a Catholic education.