General Information

St. Raphael Catholic School works to develop faith-filled, socially responsible and academically sound leaders. Recognizing that a strong connection between school and home is vital for student success, the school community encourages and enjoys a strong tradition of partnership with school families with the goal of working collaboratively to help students achieve their academic and faith formation goals.

We believe parents are the primary teachers, therefore it is vital to work in collaboration to ensure student success. St. Raphael teachers and administrative staff encourage parents to work with students at home on activities such as reading, practicing math facts with games, and developing a relationship with God through prayer. Studies show that students whose parents are involved tend to have better attendance and higher self-esteem. Students learn and appreciate the values of self-discipline and hard work because these values are modeled both at school and at home. Coming together as a faith community also helps students develop sound Christian values because parents model the importance of worshiping and working collaboratively with the community.

Parent involvement is encouraged by the school at every level.  Parents are offered opportunities to be involved in their children’s learning by volunteering, attending parent conferences, Back-to-School Nights, classroom meetings, and Family Mass. 

Useful information and links for current families: