Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers play a crucial role in the functioning and success of our school. Your involvement throughout the school year contributes to various aspects of the educational environment, benefiting our students, teachers, and the school community as a whole. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of parent volunteers at our school:

  • Enhanced Learning Environment:
    – Parent volunteers help create a positive and supportive learning environment within the school.
  • Increased Student Success:
    – When parents actively participate in school activities, students are more likely to perform better academically.
    – Parent involvement has been linked to higher grades, improved behavior, and increased attendance rates among students.
  • Community Building:
    – Parent volunteers contribute to the sense of community within the school. Their involvement helps build relationships among parents, teachers, and students.
    – A strong school community can positively impact the overall well-being of students and create a supportive network for families.
  • Resource Enhancement:
    – Schools often benefit from the skills, talents, and resources that parent volunteers bring to the table. This can include expertise in various fields, access to community resources, or simply additional hands to help with tasks.
  • Positive Role Modeling:
    – Parent volunteers serve as positive role models for students, demonstrating the importance of community involvement and a commitment to education.
    – Seeing their parents actively engaged in the school community can motivate students to take their education more seriously.
  • Fostering Communication:
    – Parent volunteers often act as a bridge between teachers and parents. This helps improve communication and understanding between the school and the families it serves.
    – Effective communication is essential for addressing concerns, sharing information, and ensuring a collaborative approach to a child’s education.

In summary, your involvement is invaluable to the overall success and well-being of our school. Your contributions extend beyond the classroom, creating a positive and supportive community that enhances the educational experience for all involved.

Opportunities for parents to volunteer throughout the school year:

  • Halloween Festival
  • Parish Festival
  • Spring Sponsor Luncheon
  • Christmas Show
  • Fundraisers
  • Assists with other school functions, activities and events throughout the year