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Dear Supporters of Catholic Education,

St. Raphael School in South Central Los Angeles, is a beacon of hope and learning for the children of our community. Our dedicated team at St. Raphael is committed to providing a high-quality education to students, fostering their intellectual growth, and instilling Catholic values that will guide them throughout their lives.

However, as a non-profit Catholic school, we constantly face financial challenges that threaten our ability to maintain the standard of excellence we aspire to. Your support can make an immense difference in the lives of these young minds. By contributing to St. Raphael School, you are investing in the future of our community, empowering children with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential.

Your generous donation will directly impact the educational experience of our students, enabling us to enhance our facilities, update resources, and provide scholarships to those in need. Together, we can create a positive ripple effect that extends beyond the walls of our school and uplifts the entire community.

St. Raphael School has a proven track record of success, and with your support, we can continue to inspire and educate the next generation. Please consider joining us in this important mission by making a financial contribution. Your generosity will not only make a lasting impact on the lives of these children but will also contribute to the growth and prosperity of South Central Los Angeles as a whole.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Together, we can build a brighter future for our community through education.


Brenda Lopez-Castellanos

Thank You to our many Donors and Foundations

Our achievements as a school community are owed much to the generous financial support of our friends and benefactors, including those part of the St. Raphael School Development Board and the Friends of St. Raphael. We extend our gratitude to the

  • The Ahmanson Foundation
  • Shea Family Charities
  • Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
  • William H. Hannon Foundation
  • Riordan Foundation
  • Kremmer Foundation
  • The Gogian Foundation
  • Queen of Angels Foundation
  • Barona Band of Mission Indians
  • The Koch Foundation
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Catholic Education Foundation
  • Corpus Christi School

and numerous individuals, corporations, and family foundations that consistently offer tuition assistance and program support.

Your support is crucial for the success of our students and continued mission of our school. Your contribution will enable students in need to benefit from a St. Raphael education, characterized by technology integration and Catholic values-based learning.

Give Today

Your gift to St. Raphael School ensures the continued commitment to educational excellence and spiritual development of our future leaders. Please join our united efforts and consider a tax deductible contribution.

There are many opportunities to give toward programs and projects for the school, including Sponsor-A-Student and Employer Matching Gifts.

Email Mrs. Brenda Lopez-Castellanos for more information »

Thank you for your continued support of St. Raphael School.

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