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St. Raphael School Alumni are the best example of the advantages a high quality education can give to our students. Our alumni come in all shapes and sizes. Without fail, however, returning graduates recall their years at St. Raphael fondly and are emphatic in the belief that the educational base they received at St. Raphael launched them in their current success. When asked what factors had most significantly contributed to their success, one alumnus who is now a defense attorney in Los Angeles, simply replied: “St. Raphael School gave me the foundation for my success today.”

Each May, the St. Raphael School Development Board hosts a Career Day. The day offers students the opportunity to learn more about possible careers and provides them with a connection to the professional world. In recent years, Career Day has featured astrophysicists, jet fighter pilots, former CIA members, police officers and fire fighters. Among the individuals that most captivated student attention, however, were returning alumni. For our students, meeting the attorneys, surgeons and entrepreneurs that got their start at St. Raphael was eye opening. For the alumni who presented, the experience was equally gratifying.

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There are many ways in which alumni can reconnect with St. Raphael and make a positive impact on our students. To learn more about opportunities such as Career Day, mentoring, tutoring, and the Sponsor a Student program, please contact our Director of Development Mrs. Brenda Lopez-Castellanos at 323-751-2774 Ext. 1004 or e-mail at DevelopmentDirector@straphaella.org.

Please fill out the form below to join our Alumni Association. You will be contacted about upcoming events and fundraising campaigns.

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