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Our Science Fair was a hit!

May 3, 2017 by DMD

Science Fair 1 Science Fair 2 Science Fair 3 Science Fair Winners 1 Science Fair Winners 2 Science Fair Winners 3 Science Fair Winners 4 Science Fair Winners 5 Science Fair Winners 6 Science Fair Winners 7 Science Fair Winners 8 Science Fair Winners 9Our annual Science Fair was held on Friday, April 28th, and was a huge success! There were so many wonderful projects on display and our students worked extremely hard to demonstrate all that they had learned! We are so appreciative of our parents and the support that they provided! Congratulations to all of our students, but especially to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in grades Kinder through 8th! See photos of all of our winners at our Monday morning assembly here! 

K: Jessabella Gonzalez (1st),  Allison Robles (2nd), Byron B. (3rd)

1st Grade: Ricardo Lopez (1st), Santiago Mentado (2nd), Liyah Emily Gonzalez (3rd)

2nd: Sebastian McKay (1st), Brandon Rivera (2nd), Andrea Lino (3rd)

3rd: Eddie Flores (1st), Kimberly Menensez (2nd), Franklin Escobar (3rd)

4th: Ashley Villegas (1st), Atiya Watson (2nd), Tiffany Aguilar (3rd)

5th: Tyler Enriquez (1st), Desy Guevara (2nd), Mia Castellanos & Sheila Sutherland (3rd)

6th: Luz Magana (1st), John Castillo & Isaac Torres (2nd), Maire Beltran, Yanira Beltran, and Amy Robles (3rd)

7th: Mayeli Rivas (1st), Diego Perez (2nd), Cristian Castaneda, Gilberto Perez, & Jaden Ramirez (3rd)

8th: Kenneth Duran, Joemely Flores, & Monica Rodriguez (1st), Sebastian Pineda (2nd), Tied for 3rd: Alexis Diaz & Jeaneth Marroquin


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